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Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence is not physical violence alone. Domestic violence is any behavior the purpose of which is to gain power and control over a spouse, partner, girl/boyfriend or intimate family member. Abuse is a learned behavior; it is not caused by anger, mental problems, drugs or alcohol, or other common excuses.

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Types of Abuse:

  • Control

  • Physical Abuse

  • Sexual Abuse

  • Emotional Abuse & Intimidation

  • Isolation

  • Verbal Abuse: Coercion, Threats, & Blame

  • Economic Abuse

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  • Hitting, kicking, biting, slapping, shaking, pushing, pulling, punching, choking, beating, scratching, pinching, pulling hair, stabbing, shooting, drowning, burning, hitting with an object, threatening with a weapon, or threatening to physically assault.

  • Withholding of physical needs including interruption of sleep or meals, denying money, food, transportation, or help if sick or injured, locking victim into or out of the house, refusing to give or rationing necessities.

  • Abusing, injuring, or threatening to injure others like children, pets, or special property.

  • Forcible physical restraint against the victim’s will, being trapped in a room or having the exit blocked, being held down.

  • The batterer hitting or kicking walls, doors, or other inanimate objects during an argument, throwing things in anger,destruction of property.

  • Holding the victim hostage.

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