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Sexual Assault

Sexual violence happens in every community and affects people of all genders and ages. Sexual violence is any type of unwanted sexual contact. This includes words and actions of a sexual nature against a person’s will and without their consent. A person may use force, threats, manipulation, or coercion to commit sexual violence.

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Forms of sexual violence include:

  • Rape or sexual assault

  • Child sexual assault and incest

  • Sexual assault by a person’s spouse or partner

  • Unwanted sexual contact/touching

  • Sexual harassment

  • Sexual exploitation and trafficking

  • Exposing one’s genitals or naked body to other(s) without consent

  • Masturbating in public

  • Watching someone engage in private acts without their knowledge or permission

  • Nonconsensual image sharing


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Victims are never at fault.


Choosing to violate another person is not about “drinking too much,”  “trying to have a good time,” or ”getting carried away,” nor is it about the clothes someone was wearing, how they were acting, or what type of relationship they have with the person who abused them. Violating another person is a choice.

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